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Wendy Carter had massive books thrust into her hands at a very young age by her mother, Mary Ellen Carter, a weekly writer for The Richmond News Leader with a hopeless crush on Peter Pan.  Wendy’s storytelling namesake graced J.M. Barrie’s classic novel, and her mind has been chasing dreams in Neverland ever since. Her early readings of C.S. Lewis, Lewis Carol, Anne Frank, Dr.Seuss, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Greek Mythology,  and Tolkein, taught her that stories are how we have remembered history and grappled with God since we sat around campfires outside of our caves.  Heroes spring from, and sing through them.  Shakespeare,  The Bible, Joseph Campbell, Story by Robert McKee and about 40 of the Library of Congress’s list of “100 Greatest Novels Of The 20th Century”, were in hot pursuit.
They caught her

“You’re a writer!”  her mom insisted, despite Wendy’s college protestations of “I’m an actor!”

They were both right.

Her love of literature has poured into her soul, body and voice, leading her to a world of incarnations of human…  and inhuman souls, ever since. As a child she would entertain her younger brother and cousin with a “Story Purse”, (a preppy, pink  Papagallo with embroidered initials). By opening it, she let the stories fly out as the kids lept around the room trying to capture one.  They would bring it to her in wonder and watch as she would eat it, asking what it tasted like as she relished the layered flavors like a well grilled steak or chocolate ice cream with strawberries and whipped cream.   Then… a story would come out… dancing princesses, dragons, and Arabian beggar boys with genies who granted wishes.

And mermaids… Always mermaids.

In California Wendy wrote and produced two productions of Mermaid Rock,  fundraising mulit-media shows for her synchronized swim team set in Angelfish Cove in the Sea of Dreams.  Through this medium, she was able to blend all of her weird talents into one, with the resulting tear streaked smiles and hugs of children and their parents dancing through the waters of her soul ever since.

The course of her circuitous career has also brought her the blessing of narrating several audiobooks, with her version of Young Fredle by Cynthia Voight becoming a finalist for the prestigious Odyssey Award.  Her narrations of Cloudette by Tim Lichtenheld and a feisty Russian fortune teller in Bink and Gollie: Two For One  by Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee have evolved into endearing short animated films for children.

The adventure continues.

Allow Wendy to tell you a story…

…if you can catch one.
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