Wendy Carter - Motivational Speaker


God, dogs, bullies, bimbo’s, saving the world, and synchronized swimming, are some of the several topics that Wendy Carter has been asked to expound upon from behind a podium.

The first weighty microphone that was placed in her hand was for W.O.V.E.N. Women Of Value in Every Nation, when her friend suggested “You should tell them your story!” She did, and was humbled by the scope of the audience, the enthusiasm, and thanks of the extraordinary people who hugged her afterwards. Wendy has been behind the mike ever since.

F.C.A., Fellowship of Christian Athletes, has had her in front of hundreds of middle and high school students, inspiring them to do their best, compete with honor, to have integrity, and to lose and win like warriors fighting a good fight for a just cause. The cause can be those on or off the field, in or out of the water, home, or hospital. VCU Business School hired her to teach Winning Presentations, a Shark Tank type of training ground, to teach acting techniques to undergrads to prevent their having sweaty palms, and boring board rooms.

Each of her adventures, be it behind a podium, in the water, on the road, on set, or in a classroom, is fiery fuel for the next talk.

What kind of conversation do you want to start?

Odyssey Awards

Wendy speaks at the June 2012 Odyssey Awards

Suess Speech

Wendy speaks for a Christian Womens Group in Richmond in honor of Dr. Suess’s birthday.