Political Stance 2016
You may have noticed I’ve been abstaining from political rhetoric, because I so dislike the tone of ranting… I think it hurts all of us, so please keep that in mind when making comments. I have a lot of opinions, and a multitude of friends whose opinions are different than mine. One of my favorite political buttons that I have been sporting lately reads “Vote or you get the government you deserve.” I love that it’s not polarizing. This is not a time for extremes.

I love people who are Democrats. I love people who are Republicans. I love blacks, whites, and every color in between. I love people who are Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Deists, Atheists, and Agnostics. I love people. I love dogs. I love dolphins and whales, reptiles with scales, and lions, tigers and bears.

Love. Let’s do that.

Republicans kicked us off in the first convention in staggering ways. And while I will refrain somewhat on my opinions of the star of The Apprentice, I gotta say, his kids did a great job. A lot of what I heard was resonating. We gotta fix what’s broken. We need to go into training. Get strong. Everyfriggin’ one of us. We have to do the hard thing for our families, and for our country. I just really really REALLY don’t think he’s the one… and certainly not the ONLY one, for the job.

The light is on. The B.S. that has been governing our political system is under scrutiny from every source and every American worth their salt and water. The apathy, mind, and media manipulation have got to stop.

I think that requires LOVE. And love can be tough. I’m totally channeling my 60’s self in saying this, but it’s reinforcing when I think of what was accomplished in the 60’s. Civil Rights… for blacks and women.

Not that our Democratic candidate is perfection, I know… everyone knows about all of the scandals… but she stood by her man when things got tough. When things got tough for our republican candidate, he declared bankruptcy, and stiffed people he owed. Several times… (eight, I think?…)

I don’t trust him. I’m not totally sold on her. If there was ever a time for a third party candidate, this is it, but a viable one isn’t available. A vote for one of them is not going to work for the country but if it soothes your conscience… and you’re ok with turning the country over to whomever… fine, at least you voted. If we disagree, I’ll still love you. If agreeing with each other was a qualifier for a successful relationship, no-one would ever get married or be true friends… ever. We will always disagree. We’re individuals. We are human. We are flawed.

And we need to love each other through all of it, somehow.

I think that’s what that guy Christ was trying to tell all the Pharisees, Saducees, Gentiles, Jews, Atheists, Buddhists, Kings, Queens, Lords, Ladies, Repbulicans, Democrats and everyfrigginbody ever. I feel Him saying “Let’s pull together already. Love love love love love love love. Love each other. Yes, THIS much. (put your arms out to your sides as far as you can…) Yes. THAT much. I did. Try it. It works… I’m tellin’ ya.”

But despite the rhetoric of our republican pundit, this whack political question isn’t up to one person. I agree with the Democrat. We need to pull together.

With our eyes wide friggin’ open.

Given my options, I’m giving Hillary my vote because I think she’s better for our country than the misogynist, vitriol spewing, petty, money, ego, fear driven little man who, not entirely on his own, has encouraged the turning of this country into a schoolyard brawl for his own purposes. I won’t vote for fear. And I won’t throw my vote away to ease my own conscience.

Whomever wins will need unbiased objective watching. Our president, and our government should not be ruling a mob of lazy, uninvolved lemmings, but a smart, savvy, educated mass of people who care about their future, the future of their children, grandchildren, community, country, and heaven forbid PLANET. We can’t fix what’s broken by destroying more of what gives us life.

Let’s clean up the mess.

My eyes are open.

I’m with her.

There, I said it.