Wendy Carter - Actress

Wendy Carter – Actress

If you know Wendy Carter’s work, it is probably because you stumbled upon her as she was battling some bad CGI reptile on cable tv. This came as no surprise to her parents. Her active imagination was evident as she fought dragons and Nazi’s in the woods of VA as a child. She developed an ear for music while performing Broadway musicals in the water as a competitive synchronized swimmer. She transferred her talents to land while still in high school, and the passion she developed for acting led her to continue her theatrical studies in undergrad at VA Tech.

When Stanislovsky and Chekov captured her heart in a production of The Seagull, she followed it to The Russian American Theatre Company in St.Petersburg Russia, and humbled by the truth of acting she saw there, she returned to the states where she earned her MFA at The DePaul Theatre School/ Goodman School of Drama in Chicago.

It was there she earned her first film role playing Ben Afflecks girlfriend in the Going All the Way, and worked on the TV shows Cupid, and Early Edition. She was called to Los Angeles where, in various mediums, she has ranged from ingenues, to soccer moms, twins, and bimbos, to bi-polar murdering psychopaths. To date, her primary success has been in the sci-fi genre, where she has saved the world no fewer than four times in Maximum Velocity, Basilisk: The Serpent King, Copperhead, and 100 Million BC on ScyFy and Chiller Channels. She started to develop her producing and writing skills when she assumed the additional responsibilities of co-producer, while starring in the psychological thrillers Blur and 30 Days to Die.

Since relocating to the east coast, it’s been a lot of corsets and hoop skirts. She appeared as Sarah Grimke in The Abolitionists, hosted rebel spies in Legends and Lies, and comforted an inconsolable Mary Todd in Killing Lincoln. She revisited the white house in Season 3 of House Of Cards, and played a world champion triathlete and actually swam The Nations Triathlon in the Potomac River, with the Washington Monument peeking at her under her arms in the movie, TRI.

Wendy was described as “The energetic, all-American, intellectual romantic…a Robin Wright, Lori Singer type, with a Laura Linney energy, and a Cameron Diaz like-ability”, by actor, fellow member of B.A.D.D., and teacher Mark Attaberry. She thoroughly enjoyed working with one, and would love to work with the others. The way the east coast industry is going, it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

Nothing is.


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FILM (Partial Credits)
TRI Supporting Dir. Jai Jameson
Double Identity Lead *Dir. Rob Legato
Going All the Way Supporting Dir. Mark Pellington
Jack Ass 2 Synchronized Swimmer Paramount Pictures
Copperhead Lead United Film Oragnization
Blur Lead Dir. Nick Briscoe
Basilisk: The Serpent King Lead United Film Organization
Maximum Velocity Lead United Film Organization
A Coat of Snow Lead Dir. Gordy Hoffman
House of Cards Guest Star Netflix
Killing Lincoln Mrs. Dixon NatGeo
The Abolitionists Sarah Grimke PBS
Brothers and Sisters Co-Star ABC
Icarly Co-Star Nickelodeon
Spellbound (Pilot) Co-Star WB
Strong Medicine Co-Star Lifetime
Early Edition Guest Star NBC
The Taming of the Shrew Multiple Roles Dir. Jan Powell
Pericles Dionyza Dir. James Ricks
ANNIE Grace Dir. Wendy Hunter
As You Like It Rosalind Dir. Tiger Reel
The Seagull Nina Dir. David Johnson
Born Yesterday Billie Dir. David Johnson
Peter Pan Wendy DePaul Theatre
MFA – Acting, DePaul University/ Goodman School of Drama – Chicago, IL BA – Virginia Tech – Theatre Major, Psychology/Humanities Double MinorSPECIAL SKILLS
DIALECTS – Phonetic Alphabet Training, Multiple Dialects COMBAT –  Sword and Dagger, Hand to Hand. Basic Firearms and Archery DANCE – Chicago Swing, Basic Jazz, Hip Hop, Salsa, and Tango.  Quick Study VOCALS – MEZZO Bands – Super 64 (Jazz/Blues) Acoustic Therapy (Country, Blues, Folk, Rock) SPORTS – Masters Internationally Competitive Synchronized Swimmer  PADI Scuba and Lifeguard Cert, Recreational Beach Volleyball, Yoga



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