About Wendy Carter


Water is a holy trinity of life. It is changeable, cycling through the world and our bodies as liquid, ice, and floating in the air as steam, or mist. It connects all of us. Wendy Carter dances through it, inhabiting the souls of different people, altering the nature of her own water.

A born synchronized swimmer, Wendy Carter transferred her talents from the pool, to the stages of Va Tech, The Russian American Theatre Company in St. Petersburg Russia, and The Goodman/ DePaul Theatre School in Chicago. Eventually film called her to Los Angeles, where she played roles ranging from Shakespearian ingenues, to geniuses, nazi’s, bimbos, and bi-polar murdering psychopaths. She has been described as “The energetic, all-American, intellectual romantic…a Robin Wright, Lori Singer type, with a Laura Linney energy, and a Cameron Diaz like-ability”. Her credits include House of Cards, Brothers and Sisters, Jackass 2, several SyFy movies, pilots, music videos, and commercials. Wendy works well with animals and kids, can speak a little of several languages, is athletic, a dancer, a kickin’ singer, is hopelessly goofy, and in her work she has saved the world no less than three times… a task she is always up for again.

That desire to save the world has manifested in many ways. Her relocation to the east coast was propelled by a life changing phone call, that led to a desire to save the world in real life. She is frequently found behind podiums with microphones, giving speeches to rooms full of people of all ages who are longing for an inspirational story well told… or to learn how to tell stories well themselves.

Coaching is an integral part of what Wendy does. As “Coach Carter” she teaches acting techniques to adult men and women in business to help them avert boring board rooms. She coaches students as young as four, to use their voices, bodies and minds to communicate their ideas and dreams. And her ACAC Angelfish Synchronized Swim Team, and DC Synchromasters has her coaching people of all ages how to dance through and levitate above water

She is still an internationally competitive synchronized swimmer, actor, freelance acting coach and public speaking coach. She has been blessed with gifts that make her as changeable as her moniker. Please use this site to research which incarnation of Water Wendy Carter might serve you, or your company.

About Wendy Carter